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Children's Hardcover Book Printing in full Color

The production of Children’s hardcover books, including high quality paper, cover durability and binding attributes, reflect the excellence of our printing books. Our advanced technology in hardcover book printing is coming to the top rank in the printing industry.

Specifications for the above children book printed by CM Color Printing are:

Children Hardcover Book 

Trim size: A4 (210mm x296mm), portrait 

Extent: 1 book (32pp text + cover)

Cover:        128gsm glossy art paper over 2.0mm chipboard, 4c + glossy lamination x 0c

Text: 128gsm glossy art paper, 4c x 4c

Binding:        case bound, section sewn binding, self ends, square back

Some customers are confused by self ends. 

Self-ends also can be dectribed as 4pages end paper compare to 8pages end paper. It's a type of end paper. If the extent of the book is such that blanks are left at front and back, the blanks can be used as end papers and are known as self ends. Here's the photo of the self end page and normal endpage. The left side is self endpaper, the text starts from the endpaper and ends to back end paper. The right side photo is 8pages end page, the text starts first page of inner paper. 8 pages endpage is at a bit cheaper cost.


4P cover-1.JPG8P endpage.JPG

The color of book is usually four-color (CMYK), this printing technique uses four primary colors (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) to simulate full-color images. Each color is represented by one piece of film and a separate press plate. By overprinting halftone dots of each of the four colors in varying densities, we can produce a wide range of colors.

About the cover: after printing, covers are laminated with gloss film to protect from scuffing. For coated covered books we offer many kinds of cloth. The basic letter styles for stamping are included, or special die-cuttings can also be ordered.

Pages binding includes perfect binding, sewing binding, saddle-stitch binding, wire-o binding, spiral binding, glue binding and hardcover binding. For a special binding- adhesive (PUR) bound, reinforced and attached to the hardcover. Hardcover extras include: printed end sheets, ribbon markers or slipcases.

A wrap around cover / dust jacket is popular added to the cased book. The dust jacket has oversized flaps that are folded and tucked in to the cased book.