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Children's Shaped Board Book

Children's Shaped Boardbook in full color Printing

Boardbook is the most typical type of book for children. With same content, children will loves the boardbook better compare to other bindary book, I am sure.
Boardbook are easy to read, have good illustrations, and keep children's attention.
The sample printed in CM Color Printing below is most common shaped children board book, or we can say die-cutting children board book. The specifications are: 
Trim size: 6" x 9”,portrait
Extent: 1 book (6 spreads + cover) = 14pp including cover 
Cover: 400gsm grey art board, 4c + glossy lamination x 0c
Text: 400gsm grey art board, 4c + glossy lamination x 0c 
Die-cutting in specific shape 
Binding:    Board book binding, 2 round corners

As far as you know, board book is a kind of book with thick paper, each page panel is at least 2 pages glue together. Normally the thickness of each page panel can be from around 0.6mm to 3mm. Of course there's no limits of the thickness, CM Color Printing can print for any special needs. The paper material can be C1S white cardboard, or grey cardboard.

Unlike the bindary of some typical paper book,pages of a boardbook are specially folded and bound together. Board Book are very durable and consequently intended for small children, who often tend to be destructive, untrustworthy, and unpredictable.

There're 2 typical bindary for boardbook, hardcover binding or normal boardbook binding. The picture below show you the difference.


They always cut in round corner for children protection. CM Color Printing always use the soy ink or UV and environmental protection paperboard, all materials we use for boardbooks are 100% acid-free,chlorine free, environmental protection. 

Bady likes to chew the book, we grantee it's safe too.Boardbook printed in CM Color Printing are completely non-toxic.

If you want any certification of the boardbook, you need to pay for the lab testing fee, we make sure they can passed all related children proof testing for EN71-3, ASTM-F963, etc.

Any shape of the boardbook can be happened, and in order to make unique design and attract children, board book can be bound with gifts, music,flocking, die-cutting window. Many many interesting design can be built in.

Children Board Book can be designed anywhere in the world, over a half of them printed in China. CM Color Printing is one of the most professional printing manufacturer for children board book, we've printed almost all kinds of special shapes and designs in the past 20 years. We understand deeply of how to control the quality in every detail. Outsource your printing in China and get most professional priting service , reach us at: sales@cmcolorprinting.com.