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Hardcover Book with PU Leather Cover

As a book printing company ,we've printed various bible book,our focus on high quality book printing will help you to sell more books. Lowest printing cost, highest quality, no hidden fees. Trust us-one of the best bible book printer with over 20 years's in printing.

Here's some sample for you to review:

Numer of pages usually over 1000pages, we print on 30gsm light glossy art paper for text in black and white printing. We're one of the few printing factories in China who can print on 30gsm lighter paper.

Hardcover, faux leather cover, with gold foil stamp on front cover and book spine, glue & sewing binding or PUR binding, the text pages can lay flat and no words hidden.

Light paper material makes a whole book highly portable, with ribbon strip to distinguish the pages easily.

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