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Hardcover Book Printing with Dust Jacket

 A dust jacket, also known as a dust cover or book cover, protects a book's case from wear. The case includes the front and back covers along with the spine. The dust jacket is made from paper with two flaps that fit over the front and back covers, wrapping around the spine to encase the entire cover. The jacket is normally detachable and is typically covered with acetate, a clear, thin, plastic-like material that increases longevity.

In addition to protecting a book, a professional dust jacket is also used to promote the book. The cover is typically illustrated and includes title and author. It might also feature a tagline — a short sentence meant to entice a would-be reader's interest by capturing the theme or tone of the book.
If the author has had a previous bestseller, the words "#1 New York Times Bestselling Author" might appear next to the author's name. In fiction writing, an author's name will adorn the top portion of the dust jacket if the author has had noted successes, with the book title printed in the middle of the dust cover or somewhat below the middle. The names of unknown or marginally successful writers appear at the bottom of the dust jacket, giving the title more attention.