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Book Binding Types

Here's a list of our standard document binding and book binding types with brief descriptions,  include perfect-binding (glue binding), pad-binding, spiral coil binding, hardback binding, saddle-stitching and ring-binding. 

Please choose and click the link below to view the details of different types of book binding. 

Saddle Stitch Binding

Side Stitch Binding

Side Sewn Binding

Screw Post Binding

Perfect Binding

   ---Burst Perfect Binding
   ---Lay-Flat Perfect Binding

Case Bound Binding

Spiral Binding

Wire-O Binding

   ---Double-Loop Wire Binding
   ---Concealed Double-Loop Wire Binding

Comb Binding

Plastic Grip Binding

Rivet Binding

Ring Binding


Ring Binding

Ring BindingRing binders are created with ‘O’ or ‘D’ rings and folders that are made from cardboard with a wrap around artwork; or plastic with a silk screened design. The paper to be inserted is then drilled for placement into the rings.

We recommend using ring folders for presenting large amounts of resources, which may require updating and a durable case.

Common uses: pricing folders, menus, presentation folders, training folders

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