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Book Binding Types

Here's a list of our standard document binding and book binding types with brief descriptions,  include perfect-binding (glue binding), pad-binding, spiral coil binding, hardback binding, saddle-stitching and ring-binding. 

Please choose and click the link below to view the details of different types of book binding. 

Saddle Stitch Binding

Side Stitch Binding

Side Sewn Binding

Screw Post Binding

Perfect Binding

   ---Burst Perfect Binding
   ---Lay-Flat Perfect Binding

Case Bound Binding

Spiral Binding

Wire-O Binding

   ---Double-Loop Wire Binding
   ---Concealed Double-Loop Wire Binding

Comb Binding

Plastic Grip Binding

Rivet Binding

Ring Binding


Wire-O Binding

Wire-O Binding holds the pages of the book in place by a double-loop wire inserted through holes on the left edge. It does not spiral through the book rather it creates a wire comb. The pages lay flat when opened and can rotate 360 degree. Wire-O bindings are durable, but do not permit printing on the spine.

Double-Loop Wire Binding

Double-Loop Wire BindingDouble (Twin) Loop Wire binding is a popular binding style available for individuals who want a professional and durable bind. Twin loop wire binding comes out of the package in a C shape and a wire binding machine is used to close the wire binding so that it is round. Twin loop wire binding provides an elegant look and feel but is slightly more expensive than coil binding or wire binding. Depending on the use, this is often worth the extra cost. Twin loop wire binding has all of the advantages of coil binding above. Pros – slick and sturdy look. Cons – don’t lay heavy loads on top of your presentations, you might bend the wire which makes the pages harder to turn.

Concealed Double-Loop Wire Binding

Concealed Double-Loop Wire BindingAn additional option for double loop wire is the option for cover wrapping to conceal the double loop wire elements. This binding process is achieved by having a wrap around cover that is scored and laid out according to the thickness of the wire element and book block, then punched on the back side of the cover, bound, and then folding the cover on the scores to conceal the binding element.This method creates an elegant finished additional option for your completed piece.

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