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Principles in Book Cover Design

Nowadays, packaging is becoming more and more important in increasing sales volume of commodities. In book design, the cover is just like the packaging. Before readers buy a book, we will firstly check the cover design. Most readers will choose to buy books which have eye-catching covers. So editors should pay much much more attention on the book cover design, no matter in hardcover book, softcover books, children books, or magazines. Below are some principles in book cover design.

Simple content can make the cover intentions clear, and clear graphics will has a strong visual impact. We should try to use simple design elements to create a rich picture. Remove all unnecessary things, don't put too much words, leave some imagine space for readers. Some editors express too much things on the cover, they want to show as much as they can to readers in case they can't understand the contents of the book. But the actual situation is, the cover can not carry too much information, if there is too much words, readers will lose the interest to read them. 

Sometimes we need the book cover to be lively and modern. In the cover design, only one or two design elements are dynamic, it will show very strong effect. If all elements in an unstable state, it is in a mass. 

Many domestic books are in dark color, and this may be related to our national character. When look them individually, they look nice, but if put them in many different books, reader will not see them at all. So in my opinion, the cover should use bright colors.

Some failures in book cover design are because of the less communication between editors and designers. In this case, the cover cannot express intention with the accurate words. To solve this problem, the text editors should also learn some knowledge of design, master some specialized vocabulary, terms and ideas, in this way, they will find better communication method with designers.