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Notebook - Hardcover Executive Notebooks

Hardcover Executive Notebooks ,genuine leather diary book, great gifts for your lover, family, children, your customers, and so on.

This premium leather journal book/notebook or diary book comes in a classic style and has been manufactured to the highest quality.They printed by CM Color Printing, the real products is much nicer than the photo. I am really eager to show the real notebook to everyone, my customer are so excited by his excellent design and our best quality. Printing in China with CM Color printing is always the way that seems best. He says.
Specification of the executive notebook:
Trim size: 210mm x 148mm Portrait  
Extent: 1 book (188pp text + 8pp end paper + Case) 
Case: Soft buffalo leather cover 2.0mm chipboard, gold foil stamp on front cover and spine
Ends: 230gsm wood free card, 1c x 1c + embossing on one side
Text: 100gsm beige wood free paper, 1c x 1c spot color
Paper band 157gsm glossy art paper, 4c + press matt varnish x 0c
We choose the fine and pleasant scent of soft buffalo leather, and use the material for the cover of the notebook, and beige color woodfree paper for inside, the paper material well suited to use with ink and calligraphy ink as well as plain pencil., this note book will send you to old days instantly.
Take note or make it as sketchbook, or write diary, it's really a pleasant experience by writing on such a good quality notebook, it's a remarkable individual gift and a valuable possession full of personality.
Small gold foil stamp on cover, finest workmanship, refined finish makes the notebook simple but unique.
The duty to printing best products is prior to all others. Choose us, choose success.