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Kraft Paper Bottle Bags Printing

Kraft Paper Bottle Bags

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Our Kraft Bottle Bags are made from ribbed Kraft paper and are 100% recyclable. They are available in a number of different Colours, and come with a Natural Cotton Rope Handle for carrying.


Kraft Paper Bottle Bags

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CM color printing Co. sell a variety of different Bottle Bags, including these slim Kraft Bottle Bags. They are made from ribbed Kraft paper, and the body of the bag is fully recyclable. These bags are also available in a range of Colours to suit, and come with a Natural Rope Handle for ease when carrying.

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Made from 100gsm recyclable Kraft paper ribbed. 

2 Ply Ribbed Kraftpaper Bottle Bags with turnover top 95 x 65 x 380mm. 

Our Kraft Bottle Bags come with Natural Cotton Rope Handle.