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Shampoo Packaging Box Printing

Shampoo Packaging Box - Printing in China for Better Quality and Cheap Price

CM color printing factory was printed many high quality Shampoo boxes in different materials, sizes and designs. Your products will look more upscale with our top quality printing.  

Here is a example of personal care box- Shampoo Packaging Box.  PVC window on the front, so that customers can see the products directly through the window. Meanwhile, these important information are also printed on front part, like the Brand,  product name, features and so on. Locked from top and bottom. Ship flat.

Other details will be printed on backside of the box, such as product specifications, barcode, manufacturer address, website.

A well designed and high quality box can attrack customers' eyes and therefore increase sales of the product.

For more details about the personal care boxes, please contact us at sales@cmcolorprinting.com