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3D Pop-up Greeting Cards Printing

The 3D pop-up greeting cards with various size, shape and design can be printing in full color.

It is an interesting and wonderful idea to print the pop-up card like a mysterious scene when opened up and as flat card when closed. As Chrismas Day of 2013 will be coming soon, the 3D pop-up greeting cards surely are the best gift for Children. 


Why 3D pop-up greeting cards are so popular in the big Festival, like Thanksgiving Day, Chrismas Day and New Year all over the world?

Because the pop-up greeting cards can be printed in any shape with any vivid content when you open up, sometimes people usually add some music record or some colorful lights inside the cards to make it more lifelike.



The pop-up cards has strictly requirements on design files. So our esteemed customers need to be carefull when design the files. The flowers, animals and characters should be accurately fixed in the right place that can keep flat when closed the cards and stand vividly when opened up. Every back shaft need to be flexible for the whole pop-up cards.

The vital part for the pop-up cards is the exquisite die-cutting paper, which need to move flexible  when opened and folded and keep firm and durable with constantly using.

The 3D pop-up greeting cards is the complex craftwork. The implementatione of one piece of pop-up card depends on the designer, author and editor. Once they finished their design with wonferful idea, they can forward the design to paper enigneer or printing company to put the idea into reality.

CM Color Printing is directly factory with diversified paper stock for pop-up cards printing, which could promise the high quality standard over all the range of requirement form our customers.

Just send us your design, we can make any 3D pop-up greeting cards as what you expect.