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Hardcover Children Pop-Up Book Printing

Hardcover Children Pop-Up book classic story book Printing

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A hardcover is a book bound with rigid protective covers (typically of cardboard covered with cloth, heavy paper, buckram, or occasionally leather). They may have flexible, sewn spines which allow the book to lie flat on a surface when opened, although most modern commercial hardcover books have glued spines. Plus the pop- up text in the book, the book is durable for child to read and share. The pop-up part should be accurately calculated and designed, because the folding, die-cutting and gluing should be at the right location so that the story book can keep vertical when the book opened and keep flat when book closed.

CM Color Printing is the direct factory with professional printing technology in China. If you have an idea of printing a pop-up children story book, please be free to contact us at sales@cmcolorprinting.com