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Self Sticker in Die-cutting Printing

Die-cutting stickers are designed by customers and can be in any shape. Maybe some square or rectangle stickers just don’t meet your demand. Print your own die-cutting stickers at CM Color Printing and we’ll produce your stickers to fit your brand well.

You can choose from a range of sticker sizes after you’ve supplied us the customized sticker shape. It includes full color printing and a UV Coating.

Die-cutting stickers are great for band stickers, wine labels or logo decals. That is to say, it is widely used in any field as you like. If you need a little guidance with your die-cutting stickers, please be free to contact us.


Self- sticker/label descriptions:
Item: Self- sticker/label for all industries
Material: Paper in all kinds, PVC, PET, PP, etc
Surface: Matter or glossy, etc.
Thickness: Various thicknesses
Application: Used for all kinds of industries like electronics food, cosmetics, etc.
Colours, design and all the details are based on the customers’ requirements. Any shape can be die-cutting