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Double-sided Self-adhensive Sticker

Double-sided self adhesive sticker printing

Strong double sided self adhesive sticker has thicknesses. It is coated on both sides of medium density PVC foam. This sticker has thousands of uses, including home, office, workshop, garden and garage. Closed cell construction forms a weatherproof and dustproof seal and therefore with permanent adhesive.

As leading manufacturer of double-sided self-adhesive/sticker, CM Color Printing has specialist expertise in manufacturing and developing stickers in bonding, sealing, cushioning, protection, mounting and fixing applications.

The products are economical, easy and quick to apply, clean to use, adaptable, versatile and consistent.

CM Color Printing can supply the double sided self sticker/adhesive in a variety of formats including logs, rolls, spools, pads, discs, sheets, washers, gaskets or other. The die cut shapes will be produced to suit every application requirement. We can also performance to meet your application needs and develop new products for new applications if required.

For more information please contact CM Color Printing at sales@cmcolorprinting.com