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Round Shape Sticker Printing in China

Round Shape Self-adhensive Label Sticker Printing in China

When you are shopping in the supermarket, you can see many label / stickers on the products, like Shampoo, Wine bottle, some food packaging and so on.The label/ sticker is very common in your life.

CM Color Printing is engineered to provide excellent label print quality across a broad range of application needs. While a wide variety of label sizes and shapes are offered for fast delivery, we will also customize to meet even the most challenging environment. With options for a variety of sizes, colors, and material types, we have the perfect match for any application.

The self sticker in round shape is also popular used in the wide range, but oval, star, love shape are also welcomed.


The description for the label is listed as below:

Material: Paper in all kinds, PVC, PET, PP, etc;
Surface: Matter or glossy, etc;
Thickness: Various thicknesses;
Application: Used for all kinds of industries like electronics food, cosmetics, etc;
Colours, design and all the details are based on the customers’ requirements. Any shape can be die-cutting

Getting an exact quotation is easy, please just be free to contact us at sales@cmcolorprinting.com