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Perfect Binding softcover Book in A5 Size

Perfect Binding softcover Book in A5 size printing in China

The softcover books with perfect binding are frequently applied into the notebook, short-story book, textbook, etc. printing.

Perfect binding books have a very professional appearance yet they’re quite economical to produce. They can also accommodate hundreds of pages and be several inches thick, plus they stack and display extremely well. Furthermore, the square spinal edge formed by the perfect binding method usually allows for the book’s title or other information to be printed on the spine, which the saddle stitch and spiral binding methods do not allow. 

Many paper size standards conventions have existed at different times and in different countries. Today there is one widespread international standard (including A4, A5, B3, C4, etc.). The paper sizes affect writing paper, cards, and some printed documents.

In the printing line, the A4, A5 is more common to use in printing. As you known, A4 refers to 210mm×297mm, and A5 refers to 210mm ×148mm.

CM Color Printing is devoted to meet every esteemed customers’ demand in softcover book printing. Of course, the bindery and paper size can be customized by our clients.

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