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Print Paperback Book with Embossing on Cover

The normal paperback book, also called softcover/soft back book, are very popular in African Market.

Most of our customer would like to design their own paperback book as simple as they can, the standard size, clear cover design and black & white inside page printing, sometimes adding the embossing on the cover after printing.

The specification for the above paperback book printed by our CM Color Printing are listed as below:

Paperback book

Trim Size: 6 x 9 inch

Extend: 1 book (134pp + cover)

Cover: 4pp, 4 + 0C, 250gsm glossy art paper, one side glossy lamination, embossing on the front cover

Text: 134pp, 1c x 1c, 100gsm offset paper

Binding Method: Perfect binding  


One of the surface finishing for the paper back book printing is embossing, which can feature the fond or image in the cover so it can attract readers. The process is to create the raised relief images and designs in paper against the background.

In order to highlight the embossing part, customer could ask us to combine the embossing of paper stock with foil stamping. Foil stamping could show the stimulating effect  in visual and make the paperback book more outstanding in the bookstore.

Paper back book are frequently used as textbook, educational book or even inspirational book. The editor or author wants to make the effect of embossing on cover that can surely attract attention of readers meanwhile convey a high quality of the paperback book.

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