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Hardcover wine packing box

Why is a Winemaker so interested in packaging? At Naylor Wine Cellars we have experienced our share of lost revenue due to lost production during the shipping process. This is the reason ten years ago we found it necessary to branch out in search of a solution. It seemed like a natural progression that the shipping solution for a Winemaker would come from a Winemaker. Therefore, we began designing and manufacturing our very own, one-of-a-kind packaging solution. !


 Hardcover packaging wine boxes also can custom by customers.Our standard hardcovers have a smooth embossing material & are great for foil stamping & other decorating ideas.

These boxes are designed to transport delicate baking items without them being damaged. And they are mostly used for  the take-away, this means they must be strong enough and good-looking.

Custom about wine packaging boxes what you want from here,wine boxes printing by many kinks of materials,hardcover boxes,normally boxes,softcover boxes printing are available from CM Color Printing Co.,Ltd.Before you get a quotation, please kindly provide us the details, such as size, material, colour, quantity and so on.