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Wire-O binding Notebook/ Journal & Spiral Notebook

Wire-O Bond is one of the most typical binding type for notebooks, journal books or diary books.

Wire-O binding is simple and cost-effective. Here's the specification of the following sample printed by CM Color Printing:

  • A5 size - 210mm x 148mm (Portrait)
  • Pages:42 pages plus cover
  • Cover Stock:250g glossy artpaper
  • Text Stock:120gsm offset paper, uncoated paper
  • Press Work:4/4 CMYK (4 color process 2 sides)
  • Option: Dust Jacket: 4/0 (4 color process 1 side with gloss film laminate), 157gsm
  • Composition:Customer supplied PDF files
  • Proof:Digital
  • Binding: Wire-O binding

wire-O binding journey book.jpg

There're several kinds of Wire-O binding, I have found very good diagram from website which can explain the types very clear. Hereby, thank the author, if I have offended you by using your diagram, please contact and indicate, I will remove the picture immediately.

There're around 7 types of wire-O binding, they are standard wire-O binding, like the sample above which printed in CM Color Printing, Semi-exposed wire-O binding, revesed or concealed wire-O binding, these 3 types are most common use. Square back wire-O binding, Catalogue or pubblisher wire-O binding, back cover wire-O binding, cased in wire-O binding, pasted back wire-O binding, pocket back wire-O binding, and the easel wire-O binding and calendar wire-O binding. You can see the difference from the following diagrame and make sense.

Wire-O Binding 2.jpg

Types of Wire-O Binding.jpg

Why we use wire-O binding? Here's the advantages:

Firstly, the wire-O binding can make the book opens flat and stay flat, and full page for spreads, no hidden parts for cross page pictures.

Secondly, the book can be folded back-to-back. You can have 2 covers in totally different design. For example, one cover for girls, and then turn to another cover for boys. One for summer and one for winter, etc.  Very interesting.

No limits for cover size, you can print large formats.

Various colors for the wire-O coil to match the page color, and there're wide choice of the binding material, acetate or plastic, cartidge or art, thick or thin.

Can do a thumb cuts to hung on the wall or easy carry by hand. 

Great. Above all, wire-O binding is a one of very good choice for book binding. And CM Color Printing can provide most professional printing service for you. Outsource your printing in China, reach us at: sales@cmcolorprinting.com now.

Thanks for your action :-)